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Bulk SMS is the process of sending SMS to the large number audience. In this age of mobile era, it becomes very necessary to be in touch with your audience. SMS allow you to give quick updates on services, transactions and offers to your customers within a second. Many companies use this to maintain the relationship with their customers It is considered to be most economical and effective way of marketing

Types of SMS

There are mainly two types of bulk SMS i.e. Promotional bulk SMS and transactional bulk SMS.

Promotional Bulk SMS

The SMS which are used to promote product, services and offers are known as promotional SMS. They are also used for brand awareness. Companies use these to give updates to their audience.

Transactional Bulk SMS

These SMS are purely used to inform customers about their transaction activity with the company. It is necessary to give updates of the service to the customer for customer retention. These SMS can be sent to DND as well as NON-DND numbers, with unique sender ID.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

  Most economical way of marketinge.

  Almost 97% of SMS are opened by users.

  28% consumers respond to SMS.

  Links, Images can be sent.

  Campaigns can be scheduled.

  Detailed delivery reports and analysis.

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