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Website Design

Our website development process starts by considering the objective of clients website. Which is then followed by Website Architecture i.e planning and designing of the visual components of the website. We understand that design must have the simple layout, strong call to action and excellent user experience.

Website Development

Development team work on the final design structure provided to them and build the fully functioning website. We break structure into small components and write code in HTML, CSS, and PHP to build various pages of the website. Along with that we also work on Content Management System(CMS) i.e. WordPress WooCommerce in order to allow clients to maintain and update their website in the easiest way.

The best practices we follow for website design and development are

 Focus on customers target audience.

  Keep branding consistent.

  Simplify the layout.

  Create strong call to actions.

  Use high-quality images or videos.

  Enhance user experience.

  Follow best search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

Established in 2016, Digital Lion is a website development and digital marketing company based in Pune. We strive to provide innovative marketing solutions to the clients in order to achieve their online marketing goals.
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